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What Ingredients are safe in the skincare products ?

I don't know how many us have the habit of looking at the contents of the skincare products that we use. Most of  us neglect the importance of the checking the ingredients before applying it on our skin. There are many chemicals in the skincare products that might cause harm or cause skin allergies to the skin. Among the chemicals that we need to becareful with are as following:-

1. phenoxyethanol

Many cosmetic products like make up or even facial and body cleansers contain phenoxyethanol . Most countries have banned the use of this product  due to the side effects that it produces. 

  • reproductive and developmental complications
  • contact dermatitis (skin irritation)
  • damage to the brain and nervous system

2.. toluene

Toluene is an ingredient that we see often in nail polishes and inhaling toluene can cause adverse effect such as e death, permanent brain damage, or depression. There is a risk of damaging the fetus if  you are pregnant.

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