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Vitamin C Serum

Look, face serums are confusing. Most of them promise a whole lot in a tiny bottle after taking a sizeable chunk of your money. I just want nice skin. I want that woman-laughing-at-salad stock image kind of skin — casually radiant, you know? As far as one-and-done face serums go, I'd heard a lot of good lip service about Simply Pure Beauty Serum  before I got around to trying it. According to reviews, people with all variations of skin types and skin issues were praising how this one serum basically solved whatever it was they were dealing with, giving them bright and clear "I woke up like this" skin. They were posting smiling makeup-free selfies with accolades in all-caps and exclamation points like it was a liquidation sale on punctuation.

Here's the deal with this complexion corrector: it's a serum a great antioxidant that repairs sun and environmental skin damage and brightens signs of photoaging caused by pollution and other environmental stressors, like the sun. It loosens any dead skin cells cluttering up your radiant complexion underneath. It penetrates deeper into the skin to really tuck all that hydration in there. You're supposed to use in the morning (hence the "Day" in the name) to help protect your skin from UV damage, along with your daily SPF.

. It's an colorless  liquid with a watery consistency that's the slightest bit oily when applied. There's a bit of a coppery scent but not overpowering, the way lots of serums can be. After cleansing and toning, I pat this serum on and then layer moisturizer and sunscreen over it every morning. I started to notice after just two weeks that my skin was indeed noticeably brighter, smoother, and more even-toned. Pesky acne marks were just faint ghosts of what they were, and my skin had a nice plump bounce to it. I don't really have sensitive or reactive skin, so I didn't experience any burning or stinging —serums, especially ones with a higher percentage of the stuff in it, can sometimes cause inflammation for sensitive skin types.

At around week three, I audibly exclaimed to my bathroom mirror, The reviewers were right. I now understood the alchemic magic of Simply Pure Beauty Serum. I mean, there are lots of things in life to be stoked about, but finding a skin-care serum that finally delivers is definitely top five. And when you narrow it down to beauty, this well-loved serum is an obvious choice — the people have spoken. I never would've imagined myself to be the type of woman so inspired as to laugh with abandon whilst eating salad alone, but that's what happens when you're just eating lunch and thinking about how good your skin looks, I guess.

Jaya-Marketing Executive

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