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Universal Plug Adapter: Which to Pack for Your Next Trip

A universal plug adapter is a travel essential, whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure. You need it to plug in your laptop, phone, camera battery, shaver, and more abroad. Though they’re used by almost every traveler, universal plug adapters are sometimes hard to find in other countries.

Rather than spending hours looking for one at convenience or electronics stores abroad, buy one before your trip so you’ll be set on arrival. Some options come with one compact universal plug adapter that works in multiple countries, while others come with a set of adapters you can pick and choose from depending on your trip.

Not all universal plug adapters convert voltage, which is something to keep in mind. Most hotels have hair dryers available, but if you’re traveling with your own, you’ll need something that can convert voltage as well as the outlet.

A universal plug adapter will keep your phone charged on the road, help you plug in at international airports, keep you charged up while working at coffee shops, and allow you to have a smoother trip wherever your travels take you. These adapters all work in at least 150 countries, and have multiple other features as well.

Whether you’re looking for a budget option, for a universal plug adapter set, for an adapter that converts voltage, or for an all-in-one travel adapter, we’ve done the research to find which is best for your needs

You can power a laptop and charge two mobile devices at once, saving time if you’re trying to power up in an airport or coffee shop. Users liked that it was small and easy to pack, plus worked in so many countries. Some said three-prong plugs were hard to fit in.

The plug adapter supplies up to 1575W, so you can easily charge your laptops, smartphones, and shavers. The internal power fuse helps protect your devices from power surge damage.

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