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Remedies for Dark Circles

Most of the women spend long hours  in front  of the computers and as a result they develop dark circles and  wrinkles under the eye area . This is totally unavoidable  as much as they try to reduce the exposure to screen. This area becomes dry and the effects become visible over  time. 

We are constantly fighting for time and sleep deprivation can further worsen the dark circles. Overall appearance in important and so lets not forget to treat the yes with care. 


There are many home remedies that work wonders to your eyes. One such example is the use of tomatoes. The content of liquid and nutrients in the tomatoes will make your skin soft and supple and reduce the dark circles over time. The tomatoes should be sliced into thin pieces and left to rest under the eye for half an hour  and washed off clearly afterwards, 

Cold tea bags

There are many items in the kitchen that you can utilize to treat the eyes and cold tea bags have anti oxidant features that avoids any puffiness that appear around your eyes. Degeneration of cells are unavoidable as we age every day and as such anti oxidant features slows down the process and appearance of wrinkles under the eyes. 

Eye Creams

As an alternative eye cream can be used  over the eyes because the creams help to :-

  • Increases blood circulation to the eyes
  • Strengthens collagen to firm skin
  • Reduces eye bags, dark circles, crow's feet, oil seeds
  • Promotes tissue regeneration to improve skin tone

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