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Aesthetic vs Skincare Products

The topic could be the running in many people 's mind for a long time without a definite answer. The latter seems to be a better solution for some who  live out of a suitcase and needs a instant magic to work on their skin. 


If no amount of makeup or countouring can hide the sign of aging , then it is highly recommended that a visit to the aesthetic clinic will do you wonders. It is inevitable that we all age and we do it gracefully nevertheless it is important to know that skincare products will delay the aging process but it will not be the ultimate solution to fix your problem 

So what sort of treatments should you do?

There are many types of treatment that you can choose from ranging from the mild to the intense ones. Chemical peels are one of it . The skin gains a new texture from the treatment and reduces all kind of blemishes , wrinkles and uneven skin pigmentation. The patients will undergo peeling effects after the treatment which might last up to 3 days or more depending on the intensity of the treatment . If you have dark blotches on your face, the chemical peel which utilizes a type of acid will reduce the blotches over time 

The patient need to becareful in taking care of the skin after the treatment . Most importantly , use a mild cleanser to wash your face. And always use a hydration mask to hydrate your skin that has undergone the deep treatment .


The Living Proof Hydra Mild Rinse Off Cream Cleanser is soap free and helps to moisturize the skin after intense aesthetic treatments. 

As you have see, the skincare products  compliments aesthetics procedure. Aesthetics procedures can be done for a few times to completely get rid of the marks  and then work to maintain your skin with good skincare products. 

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